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        sku: #180924903
        This hair mist is a concentrated hair mist formulated with Argan oil to give hair more volume and moisturizes, as well as providing silky smooth feel and hydrates damaged hair from straighteners, blow dryers, perms, over dying and constant sun exposure.
        Provides a silky moisturizing coating...
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        sku: #180924902
        Badly damaged hair Intensive Care Dry, Perm, dyed hair pack that nutrition. Highly enriched organic argan oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, health ingredients supply moisture and nutrients,&n...
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        sku: #180718751
        WHAT IT IS
        Camellia essential hair oil serum that creates silky hair 1. Double treatment camellia oils Fermented camellia oil fills the holes of damaged hair and camellia oil coats the cuticles. 2. Hair strengthening This hair serum revitalizes damaged hair affected by frequent perm and dyeing
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        sku: #171117177
        Warm Steam Hair Pack gives moisture & nutrition. Recommend to Who have damaged hair. Warm heat and steam helps to deliver nutrition effectively to the hair. Gives damaged hair cuticle volume & gorgeous hair.
        *Results from the use of beauty product above may...
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